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This is a visual teaser for my interactive-digital graphic novel that I’m hoping to make more progress on in the coming months: Keibaithonia. :D

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Portrait of John, a friend I met through Couchsurfing in York, UK.

~Made With Mischief~

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A mural I completed for the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at MIT. Made with Mischief!

1) The final file.

2) A digitally painted layout, skewed in Photoshop to fit a photo of draft placement.

3) Another skewed conceptualization of breaking the mural up into three frames.

4) The final placement and installment of the mural.

5) Another angle of the installed mural.

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Hey everyone, Mischief is 50% until tomorrow! Everything I’ve done digitally in the past year has been drawn entirely in Mischief. I totally recommend getting on board if you like being able to zoom, undo, pan, AND export INFINITELY.

Here are some scientific illustrations I’ve done for MIT in the past few months illustrated completely in Mischief! They’ve been published by Science Magazine and the National Science Foundation. Some of the skilled researchers whose work is presented above are Penny Chisholm, Nadav Kashtan, and Pedro Reis.

Go to to download this cutting edge digital painting software!

If you’re on Twitter, search @GetMischief to learn more!

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When you want to do something else instead of play League of Legends but then…


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Oh my god I’m finally doing traditional art again o___o

It feels so good to get my hands dirty a again. I’ll always love digital art but paint is such another world!

Gouache and acrylic.

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Another work in progress.

Made with Mischief.

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Check out some art I did for Science Magazine! :)

Done in Mischief.


Hidden Genetic Diversity Floating on Top of the Sea

Individual cells of the tiny marine cyanobacterium Prochlorococcus — perhaps the most abundant photosynthetic organism on Earth — are more diverse than previously thought, a new study reports. Prochlorococcus are responsible for generating at least 50 percent of atmospheric oxygen and play a key role in the global carbon cycle.

Read more about this research from the 25 April issue of Science here.

[Credit: Carly Sanker/MIT. Please click here for more information.]

© 2014 American Association for the Advancement of Science. All Rights Reserved.

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Work in progress. Some ideas for color scheme on the right. :3

Done in Mischief.

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Some figure drawings ^__^

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Art for The Kubert School! :)

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Progress shots for a drawing I did for the students of The Kubert School! You guys will see tomorrow… muahahaha! (There should be a marriage of “muahaha” and “huehuehue”…. muehuehue?)

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Hey thanks for swinging by the Kubert School, you were awesome! I had meant to ask about how you keep ideas fresh in your work?
cpuglise9 asked

Thanks for having me! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Hmm, good question—by constantly bombarding myself with new inspiration! Whether that means scrolling through the infinitude that is Tumblr, DeviantArt, etc. or taking a photo and a note of the way a shadow sits on a reflective surface on my commute to work. And coffee. :D

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B&W nonsense. Made with Mischief (